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One Love

It’s kind a wonder..

how life can change..

Can flip 180 in a matter of days..

Sometimes it works in mysterious way..

One day you wake up without a trace..


I refuse to give up..

I refuse to give in..

YOU’re my everything

I dont wanna give up..

I dont wanna give in..

So everybody PRAY…


One love – for the ALLAH’s pride..

One love – for the times we’ve cried..

One love – gotta stay alive..

I will survive..

One love – for the heaven streets..

One love – for the Qur’an beats..

One love – oh I do believe..

ALLAH love is all we need..

Late at night..

I’m still wide awake..

And this is one more than..

I can take..

I thought my heart could never break..

Now I know that one big mistake..

ALLAH  just love me love me love me..

ALLAH  just hold me hold me hold me..

One Love

*penggubahan lirik dari lagu asli ‘one love-blue’



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